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Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services
Consulting - Training - Contracting

As an experienced software quality assurance and testing professional, I provide consulting, training and contract testing services.
  • Consulting - Integrating software QA/test processes with product development facilitates a least-cost path to a high-quality product. My consulting services include:
    • Infrastructure - hardware, software, test labs, networks, tools and other elements of creating a successful testing environment.
    • Processes - methods, procedures, tools and techniques for testing and test management.
    • Integration - designing quality assurance and testing into overall product creation, marketing and development systems.
  • Training - People are at the heart of any QA/test process. People who know testing methods, processes and procedures and understand how to apply them in diverse project scenarios are the core of successful software testing. I provide on-site, on-the-job training and mentoring for software QA/testing staff and management.
  • Contract Testing - on-site or outsourced software testing services.
View my comprehensive software QA/testing resume.

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