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last update: January 28, 2000

  • FlowForms America - a small company in Wisconsin, USA, that designs and manufactures flowforms for water mixing, aeration, purification and other purposes. Includes articles on past, current and possible future uses of flowforms.
  • Ground Water Atlas of the United States - US Geological Survey groundwater atlas article archives, and information on ordering the printed version and relevant groundwater maps.
  • International Water Law Project - "...created to provide information and links on international water law and policy and related topics." Offers relevant documents, case law examples, bibliography, events calendar and links.
  • Living Technologies - a commercial firm designing and implementing biological water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and other wastewater purification. Based on concepts developed by John Todd, founder of New Alchemy Institute and Ocean Arks International.
  • National Small Flows Clearinghouse - an EPA-funded organization that provides information about and conducts research on innovative, low-cost wastewater treatments for small communities. Emphasis is placed on finding practical, alternative solutions; by "small" they mean a million gallons a day or less.
  • Oasis Design - Greywater design and engineering information, publications and consulting services from a pioneer in the field - including greywater misinformation on the web - pointers to common greywater fallacies and myths perpetuated online (and offline too...).
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment - New Alchemy Institute techincal bulletin No. 6, with an introduction and sections on standard septic systems, alternatives, composting toilets, gray water, references and a bibliography.
  • Our Water Tank - some simple yet clever ideas regarding catchment water storage tank design, with illustrations.
  • Rainfall maps - more added as I find them. Submissions welcome!
  • SWAMP constructed wetland - an example of a constructed wetland for the tertiary polishing of municipal sewage. Includes partial research data, conference papers and constructed wetlands links.
  • UnitLiner pond liners - manufacturer's site for pond liner material - EDPM, PVC and polyethylene materials available in both pre-cut and custom sizes plus pond kits, pumps and other accessories.
  • Water Recycling - an example in North Carolina using constructed wetlands and a greenhouse containing soil filters and an aquatic ecosystem.

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