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last update: April 19, 2000

  • August Eco-Forest - a for-profit concern in Australia, aiming " reforest rural land and develop environmentally sustainable commercial forestry."
  • Blackbird Ridge Homestead - "A website devoted to the homesteading lifestyle."
  • Bureau of Land Management - official site for the United States government agency in charge of "public lands." News items, information and publications, and other items of use to citizen activists.
  • California Materials Exchange - a free service designed to help businesses, schools and non-profits find uses and/or markets for materials they have traditionally discarded. Site users can search for and list materials in a wide variety of categories, from "construction" to "wood" and even "miscellaneous."
  • Co-op America - a national non-profit organization that aims to provide "...economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems." Educational materials, publications, online articles, boycott news and related information.
  • Currency Systems - Comparisons between alternative currency systems such as LETS, Ithica HOURS, Time Dollars and others. Includes thoughts on design characteristics and social implications of monetary systems.
  • EarthSea Eco Spirit Consultants - "...a partnership with a long history of interest in the concepts of sustainable/intentional community. Our work involves helping individuals to reconnect to the earth through nature experiences and shamanic practice." Celebrations, ceremonies, retreats, wilderness adventures and more in the South Shore Nova Scotia area of Canada.
  • EcoPortal - intended as an internet search site for " quality information useful for citizen environmentalists." Provides topic-based full text searches of reviewed environmental internet content.
  • EcoTox - hosted by the US EPA, "...the ECOTOXicology database is a source for locating single chemical toxicity data for aquatic life, terrestrial plants and wildlife." This database integrates aquatic life, terrestrial plants and terrestrial wildlife databases and has a menu-driven search function.
  • Environmental Research Foundation - "... founded in 1980 to provide understandable scientific information about the influence of toxic substances on human health and the environment." Home of Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly and related resources such as a library of contributed articles, related organizations, a calendar, related sites and more.
  • European Foundation - Sustainable Development - a portion of the European Foundation site "...designed to support the needs of the social partners, i.e. primarily employers and employees, at all levels in their activities to promote sustainable development from a practical company level to a policy level."
  • Global Warming - The US Environmental Protection Agency's site on global warming. Includes data, links to other sites, briefs on predicted impacts and recent developments, and official documents from the EPA and various other agencies relevant to global warming. There's also info on things to do about it (most of which are a lot like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...).
  • Hawai'iloa Voyaging Canoe exhibit - "A voyage in cultural knowledge and awareness" - a modern version of a traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe. Includes construction, navigation, voyages, history, culture and more.
  • Introduction to Biogas - basic information on biogas/biofuel and anaerobic digestion for waste treatment. Includes examples (with pictures), educational project outlines, safety information, references and links.
  • Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog - all manner of hard and soft goods that don't require electricity - food processing, appliances, lighting, cleaning, books, homestead tools, toys and gifts and more. Ironic, isn't it...:-)
  • - a.k.a. Clary Meuser Research Associates - interactive map sites, map and GIS-enhanced research and more "...dedicated to helping local governments, community groups, andbusinesses communicate the various facets of environmental, health and social problems, solutions, and achievements..."
  • National Materials Exchange Network - link and e-mail out of order - please notify me if you have a current one!. An online searchable database of surplus, reusable, recycled, etc. materials of all kinds - local, national and global. Free! Includes both available and wanted items.
  • Native American Technology and Art - a site "...dedicated to disconnecting the term primitive from perceptions of Native American technology and art." Includes all manner of craft and art work, toolmaking, building, food, games, song, dance, poetry, prose and more.
  • New Civilization Network - "Exploring emerging new qualities of life on Planet Earth...a global network of people visualizing a better world and working on building it." An interesting and eclectic site - explore at will...
  • Nomadic Research Labs - the (in?)famous Steve Roberts has semi-retired his highly hacked, high-tech recumbent "technomad" bicycle and is now furiously pursuing the next ultimate high-tech adventure vehicle...
  • The Old-Timer's Page - "The Way We Used To Do it...," courtesy of Walton Feed - information, reflections and stories on how it was not so long ago, from food growing, harvesting and preserving to cisterns, root cellars, outhouses and tales of former days from real old-timers.
  • One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure - a personal site that lays out one person's approach to the title phrase. There's some real reusing, tinkering, customizing, and funky building going on out there...
  • Overcoming Consumerism - ideas, resources and further links - ways to "defeat consumerism, save money, work less and lead a more satisfying andenvironmentally benign life while helping to restore the economic self-sufficiency of your community."
  • Phytoremediation of Organics Action Team - a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and US corporations to explore phytoremediation (use of plants and trees to remediate contaminated soil and water). Check especially their page of links to other sources of information.
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy program for supporting the privacy of personal information. Includes fact sheets (in English and Spanish), a consumer hotline for reporting privacy abuses and obtaining information, resources for reducing junk mail and telemarketing calls, case studies and examples, and links to related resources.
  • The Progress Project - " effort to engage citizens, scholars, leaders and policymakers in the public and private sectors in a vital debate on progress." Speaker series, event information, archived webcasts and other resources towards this stated end.
  • Right Livelihood Award Foundation - official site for this international award, intended " honour and support those offering practical and exemplary answers to the crucial problems facing the world today."
  • Tax Foundation - promoting "tax consciousness" amongst the US public through research and educational efforts aimed at increasing citizen understanding of taxes and tax legislation.
  • UN Environment Program Working Group on Sustainable Product Development - a site almost as big as its title! Comprehensive information on sustainable product development projects, including a database of sustainable product and service examples, hundreds of contacts (in 55 countries), a downloadable version of their magazine, "Way Beyond," reports, and software. Also hosts links to other relevant specialist organizations.
  • US Patent and Trademark Office - on-line searchable database of US patents. Also links back to the USPTO home page for further options and information.
  • The Village Project - a nonprofit organization with a mission to "Preserve the innocence of children and promote no more violence." Provides youth education in healthy alternatives to violence, groups to help support healthy choices, violence prevention classes, groups in elementary schools and community events for young people that promote understanding and compassion.
  • WIRE - World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy - a multi-faceted site for renewable energy resources, including current affairs, projects, publications, jobs, classified advertisements, online resources and links and more. Anyone can browse; registered users (no fee) can post information in certain areas.

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