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Cultural & Ecological designing

We are all teachers and all learners, and we practice both teaching and learning 24 hours a day, every day. We cannot stop ourselves from teaching something, learning something...and what do we teach, what do we learn?

Indeed it takes a village to raise a child - and there is always a village of some sort raising every child born. What is important is the nature of that village - what does it teach? What does it value? What does it offer the child and what does it deny the child, from among the infinite potentials of human experience?

My Instructional Design services are grounded in these ideas. We teach and learn constantly; learning and teaching context, containing structure and process - the village - is no less and sometimes more important than explicit content.

I focus my educational designing on increasing clarity, honesty, trust, love and compassion in and among human beings. I employ methods that are whole-person experiential, participatory, hands-on, collaborative and fun! From such a foundation, any and all explicit content becomes more easily learned and more easily taught.

I work with individuals, groups, organizations and institutions seeking to redesign and reinvent their concepts and practices of teaching and learning. This includes corporations, private and public schools, intentional and unintentional communities, government entities, private citizens and community and non-profit organizations.

Please contact me with questions or requests for specific examples relevant to your situation.

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