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Design Services
People - Place - Learning - Integration

My design services support meeting fundamental human needs in creative, collaborative and fulfilling ways. I empower individuals and communities to discover, design and create what they truly desire in their lives. I support and serve those who seek to understand, respect and work with the beauties and complexities of both human interactions and ecological systems.

Designing is a fundamental, age-old human activity. It is at least as ancient a practice as art, science, spirituality and technology. Some scholars of design tradition suggest that we humans did not 'invent' fire - we designed it.

Designing opens multiple paths to creating that which does not yet exist. It enables us to see, and more importantly to act, beyond limitations previously defined by ourselves and others. As William Blake says, "I must create my own System, or be enslaved by another Man's. I will not Reason and Compare - my business is to Create!"

A Designer's role is other-expressive. As a Designer I work with you to facilitate your discoveries, your expressions, your designing - your creation of that which does not yet exist!

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